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These are the Twenty-First Century names for the crucial processes that communicate the details of your success with others in a format that deeply touches and influences both hemispheres of the brain. Evolved from what used to be called the sharing of best practices, this process has been developed and refined for modern business processes.

Thousands of business people worldwide have learned the value of telling their story. Why?  Stories access parts of the brain that numbers and statistics never touch, enriching facts and data with heart, feeling, meaning, and reality. Stories make it personal. They innovate, motivate, lead, and empower people to a common goal. Stories promote collaboration and agreement for your shared journey to achievement.  They are the script of success for you, for your company, and for your brand.

A story sets the scene of reality and connects the audience with the speaker and data. You co-create the message with the audience. You and the audience set the stage and actions together and so the audience is engaged in (and not sleeping through) the presentation. The story must, of course, be well constructed and delivered in a believable way. There are numerous stories existing in your organization, stories waiting to be told and waiting to be used. Corporate storytelling frames the data and information of your achievements, triumphs, and victories. It will inspire others to attain the goals they desire, or that you desire for them. Narrative coaching helps you bring forth your story to accelerate your business by sharing with your staff and your audience:

—What brought you from where you were five years ago to where you are today

—How you and your team members met

—How you determined your common goals

—The moment when you realized that you had something important to share with the world

—How and where you established your physical facility

—The milestones you’ve achieved in your work

All of this, incidentally, dovetails with our program titled “Swim With The Sharks.”



Facilitators:  Ann Scroggie and Pat Breslin       Ann facing forward         Poser Cropped


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