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A team of scientists and engineers who were going to speak at a conference came to us asking for help with their PowerPoint presentation. We told them, “Your talk is not about a slideshow. It’s not about numbers and words on a screen. It’s about reaching the audience. It’s about what you know, what you can create, and how you can help others.” We trained them to present with skill and expertise. Now, when they speak at conferences, other scientists and engineers approach them and ask for training on how to speak at conferences.

Business professionals in every field are called upon to deliver presentations to colleagues, co-workers, clients, customers, and sometimes conference attendees. You’ll need to be aware of the perspectives of your audience, and the implications of your own viewpoints that you’ll want to share. You’ll need to inform them. Sometimes you’ll want to convince them. In all cases you’ll want them to listen. To make that happen, you’ll need to learn how to get and keep their attention. You’ll need to master:

NCA audience

—The right moves
—The right words
—The right set-up
—The right information
—The right reasoning

Our customized training in the Art of Powerful Presentations will allow you to speak to any audience, persuade any group, overcome any communication obstacle, and sell your ideas. You will learn how to format your concepts, how to connect with people, and how to avoid the hazards of PowerPoint overkill. Moreover, you will learn the thoroughly researched skills and secrets used by professional speakers to structure your talk for maximum memorability. You will learn how to:

Control the setting to enhance alertness in the audience.

Employ audiovisuals properly to maximize your message.

Provide materials and handouts in the proper sequence that won’t distract from the talk.

Use physical presentation skills in your delivery

Structure the message to completely capture the audience’s attention.


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Facilitators:   Pat Breslin and Ann Scroggie

Email:     patrick@empowerspeakers.com

Phone:    352-871-9448