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AB19397To convince investors to fund your company, you must research specific business facts and communicate them to financiers in a very precise format using crucial speaking techniques. We can teach you how to:

• Identify the right investors for your business

• Construct a basic elevator pitch

• Build a more comprehensive presentation package for executive audiences

• Structure your talk using proven persuasion techniques

• Discover how the improper use of PowerPoint can ruin your presentation

• Show Venture Capitalists why your company is their best bet

This workshop involves a morning session and an afternoon session. The first one covers all the technical, legal, and business components that must be firmly established before an investor pitch is created. This session also covers initial communication with appropriate investors. The afternoon session examines in great detail the proper construction and delivery of the pitch itself, with emphasis on public speaking persuasion techniques known to evoke a positive response from investors. It discusses the proper use of PowerPoint and other image programs, including mistakes often made by people who misconstruct or overload their images with extraneous and confusing data. Participants then assist each other in creating a hypothetical pitch, which helps them further understand and master the process. Individualized consultation is also available.



Facilitator:  Pat Breslin Pat on Powerful presentaions page


Email:     patrick@empowerspeakers.com                          Phone:  352-871-9448