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Your physical delivery style is crucial. Eye contact, movement, gesturing, vocal inflection, facial expression, animatedness—these grab and hold the audience’s attention. If you don’t deploy all of these during your entire talk, the audience’s attention will drift away.   


Communication is the most crucial tool human beings possess. All of your knowledge has value only if you know how to share it in a way that’s most impactful. To influence, convince, educate, support, and motivate other people, you need to communicate the right way:



—Tell your story

—Show how you overcame obstacles

—Provide proof

—Highlight your successes

—Show others how to do the same



The Empower Speakers Communications Group will help your organization, industry, or institution to master the art of presentations.  Founded by two business consultants who are also professors of speech, we show you how to structure your story, craft your message, blend your data with your own compelling narrative, and touch the hearts as well as the minds of your clients, customers, and colleagues. With extensive experience in the corporate world and in higher education, we specialize in business presentations, Myers-Briggs, and corporate narrative, along with investor pitches and stress management.



Contact us today.     352-871-9448                   patrick@empowerspeakers.com


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