Staff Development

Staff Development 2We offer four distinct yet mutually reinforcing programs.

—A toolkit for motivating, leading, and retaining employees

—Unleashing the power of positive energy in the workplace: what every leader should know.

—Creating WOW! customer service

—Leading employees through change

Using this last program as an example……

It’s an irony that leaders must confront their own fears around change even as they bear the responsibility of leading others through it.  This workshop aims to build resiliency through knowledge and real-world tools that put powerful ideas into immediate action:

—Identify the “soft” and “hard” parts of the change process

—Understand and adapt to the transition cycle

—Learn first for ourselves and then be able to transmit perspectives and techniques to assist employees who must function in ambiguous circumstances for significant periods of time

—Formulate ways to get commitment and buy-in

—Use humor to lighten the mood as the organization presses



Facilitator: Linda Cirulli-Burton      MotivatorTeacherEnergizer 007


Email:                          Phone:  352-332-4965